What is a soul crystal?

First I tell you the story how I got the idea, of the whole thing 🙂

Since years I saw these crystals hanging on windows.

It is so beautiful, especially when the sun is shining on it and breaking the light to beautiful rainbow spots all over the room. I started to call them balls of chakras 😉

But why so simple?

It is always with just this plain plastic band… Even though, I love simple decoration. Less is more, usually in every life situation.

But here I thought “it would be nice to make it a bit more special”…

I was collecting anyway things from everywhere on this planet. Pearls, beads, shells, stones and all those things I would like to use one day to create necklaces and bracelets…

So I took my box with my collection and started to create my first crystal. For my own appartement ❤️

I loved it! My boyfriend loved it! (He is even asking for more 😉 he wants one in every room of the house 🙂
One day, a few days before I met a friend of mine, I thought I need to do one for her… I was thinking of her the whole time. Every pearl, every stone and every bead I was putting on the string, I thought of her. I was crazy about doing it! Didn’t really knew why. But when I gave it to her (it was her birthday), she told me she loves it, it suits her personality so well and its exactly what she needs, something handmade with love and positive energy inside!

I was so happy!

That was the day everything started.

People asked me to do one for them, for their friends, their family… they started to send me pictures of their loved ones and descriptions about their personality, so I could go into their energy. Sending love and light while I was creating them.

And till now everyone was super happy about their soulcrystal.

Why am I doing that?

Because till now, everyone I did it for, was so touched and they are so happy, because I got every time the perfect match with my little collection of pearls and beads.

And they tell me, the room has so much light, positive energy and power, since they have them hanging there 😍

What makes me so happy too!

Because I love to make people happy and inspire them ❤️

If you want, get one too!

Just send me a message ❤️

(Price per Chrystal is 35€ + shipping)
By the way, I just want to say, I am not a healer! I just send love and light and help people to come to their own power ❤️

And thats how it looks, when the sun comes through: