10 Questions for the two Naturschatz Ladies

Good morning beautiful you soul ❤️

As you know, I’m very much into natural cosmetics, less is more, or diy cosmetics.

I’ve been through 2 cosmetic phases in my life:

1. The “I try everything that promises me to do well” – phase in which I lived very unconsciously and had not really been interested in what ingredients are in my creams.

2. The “coconut oil is the best thing ever” – phase in which My face was always so shiny as if I had a pot of fat on my face;)

Both have not been the perfect way, as you can imagine.

When I got to know the two girls from Naturschatz, Ellen and Sigrid, I started to think about it ….

“Does the skin have to breathe, does it do that under the coconut fat layer?”

“Do I want to smell like a walking coconut all my life?”

“Does not a cream have a few more ingredients that are good for my skin than just coconut oil?”

Long talk, short sense:

I took the natural Salvia cream and was thrilled!

Especially in winter, she does the skin so well!


They have two more creams, which cover all skin types.

So I wanted to introduce you to the brand with these great women and interviewed them:

1. How long did it take you to get your brand name and why that one?

Ellen: Honestly, forever! If one of us has found a great name, the other did not like it at all. It went so far that we were even close to inviting all friends to order pizza and a few boxes of beer to brainstorm together. Until Sigrid had the idea for “Naturschatz”

Sigrid: everyone loved it right away. Very tangible, easy to remember and describes our products and the whole concept very well.

2. What moved you to bring your own face cream on the market, even though there is already a lot? And what is special about your products?

Ellen: After nothing was convincing on the market (why must everything be packed in plastic and why can not it be understandably explained WHAT is included in the cream?) And especially my very problematic skin which didn’t really like any product, we ended up taking care of it.

What is special about our products is that they come without water, alcohol and glycerine, to name just one point, so that only pure active ingredients get to your skin.

3. Do you have a hint for us, what we can do, so that we do not get lost in the wide range of products on the market and in the end find the right one for us?

Ellen: The App Codecheck is great for getting a first overview and, above all, very easy to handle. With a “traffic light logic” you can see directly whether a product was classified as red, yellow or ideally green.

Sigrid: And some common sense when shopping is also helpful. If a face cream costs 1.50 EUR and is advertised on the front of the packaging that it contains a very valuable and high-quality vegetable oil, it should be understood at which point the ingredients of this oil emerges. According to experience, very far behind, so that the small proportion will have no recognizable care effect. This does not mean that high-priced products are necessarily better, but the proportion of valuable vegetable oils is more likely to be higher. A more concentrated effect also means that the product is more productive.

4. Why natural product instead of conventional products?

Sigrid: The active principle of natural cosmetics is quite simple and logical: support of skin’s own processes instead of substitution. This means adding substances to the skin through daily care that enable them to maintain their own function for as long as possible. The working principle of many conventional cosmetic products is different. Active ingredients are applied to the skin to replace the skin’s own substances and functions. This leads to a great immediate effect, but the skin unlearns to continue to take over this function itself. One consequence of this is that the intrinsic activity of the skin slows down.

5. What do you think about sustainability, unnecessary ingredients and animal testing?

Ellen: Thumbs up for sustainability. We completely renounce the last two points, which also makes our opinion clear …

Sigrid: Of course, there is no need for a definition question either. For us ingredients are unnecessary, which are inexpensive to manufacture and can be processed well, but offer no added value in the care. Animal testing for cosmetic products is prohibited in the EU anyway.

6. Essential Oils: What is your favorite fragrance / oil and why?

Ellen: Clearly lavender! Only a few years ago I could not help the scent, since it’s in CEDRUS, I can not fall asleep without.

Sigrid: Orange is a very nice scent that immediately lifts the mood. Cedar is wonderfully earthy and calming. But lavender is the absolute all-rounder and must never be missing in my luggage.

7. Do you have any other products planned?

Ellen: With our creams that do not use alcohol, water or glycerine, we have launched something special on the market that we did not have before and specialize in it first.

Sigrid: We took two years to develop these three face creams and it was worth it. When new products follow, they must also meet this high standard. We are currently pursuing some ideas, but will certainly not launch a product that is not as unique as our creams.

Ellen: Who follows us on Instagram and on Facebook will be informed first!

8. What are your little beauty tips for us?

Ellen: The word “beauty sleep” is no coincidence! Sleep is important. You can find more tips in our free e-book on our Webpage

Sigrid: We also have a 28-day challenge for more beautiful skin every month with our community. The idea behind it is to get to know a new behavior for the skin, to try it out for 4 weeks and ideally to integrate it into the daily routine. After 28 days, the skin has renewed and the positive effects become visible, which motivates to maintain the behavioral change. We communicate the 28-day challenge via our newsletter.

9. Off topic: What are your fav to do things in your free time?

Ellen: Quality time with friends and family, yoga, cinema or just relax with a good book on the couch.

Sigrid: Sport v.a. Running, MTB driving and hiking and spending a lot of time outside. In addition, I’m a big fan of books and podcasts and love to educate myself on a wide range of topics.

10. What else do you want to give to our readers? Any life wisdom? Tips? Tricks?

Ellen: Just inspired by a book title: “Love yourself and it does not matter who you marry” 😉

Sigrid: A sentence about which I only intensively reflected this morning: “Only if you do something different today than yesterday, you will get different results tomorrow than today.” In the sense, always reflected reflectively, questioning all habits and attitudes because you can not change others, but you can change yourself.


So true!

Then I say thank you to you both for the brief insights behind your scenes and for the great tips 😊

And to my dear readers: I hope you try Naturschatz once! If you come to my yoga class or to the Wanderlust Café, you also get a few samples of Naturschatz creams 😊

If you are not from Munich, you are welcome to ask, because you can test natural treasure throughout Germany in various shops. You can find the shops under the heading “Partners” on www.naturschatz-kosmetik.com

AND I have a special for you! If you want order their face cream, use the Code: namastree20 and you get 20% discount.

For now they only ship to Germany, Switzerland and Austria. But I hope the rest of the world comes soon too 😊

Let me know what you think of the face cream.

Lots of love to you