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Services by Namastree

Life can be difficult, if we don’t pay attention… so lets make it easy!

For busy clients I can offer a flexible service and price plan to suit individual requirements.

* Yoga/ personalized Yoga / Yoga with your friends (Any time you like, just for your own personal needs, at a rented yogaroom, outside in the park or at your place) Styles: Hatha, Ashtanga, Vinyassa

* Nutrition plan (we create a plan, which suits your daily life, your needs and your taste)

* Meditation & breathing techniques (we can combine it with yoga or just as a single class. I will show you techniques, which can help you to calm your mind and emotions, which you can also practice on your own afterwards)

* Shamanic Life coaching (if you are not happy with your current situation, we will talk about it and find solutions. With this, you will feel more light and happier in life)

In every way you choose to work with me, we will have a phone call, meeting or skype date (whatever suits your schedule best), before we start. So you get to know me, I get to know you, your life and your needs.


Individual yoga lesson or nutritional advice

60min = 110.00 €

Shamanic coaching

60min = 130.00 €

Individual workshop (individually or up to 5 people

120min = 250 € (per additional person 50 €)

Reduced price for students, pensioners and low earners on request.

15min introductory conversation by phone, Skype or Facetime = FREE

Yoga & Fitness

Yoga is a method to get body, mind and spirit back together.

Yoga & Fitness

Which will give you a positive mind, a great body and the spirit of life! For more information Click here

Meditation & Wellbeing

Meditation will help you to quiet your mind for some time and to find your inner balance.

Meditation & Wellbeing

After a busy day your mind likes to rest for some moments, where it doesn’t have to think of anything. For more information click here

Food & Health

Healthy food is the energy for your body.

Food & Health

If you feed your body with clean and non processed meals & snacks, it will thank you. For more information click here

Beauty & Living

Find some tips for organic beauty products.

Beauty & Living

Sometimes we don’t even have to spend a lot of money for something we love to use. For more information click here

Latest Services

Recommendations and in depth features for a healthy life

Online Coaching

Why online coaching? Well, interesting times need interesting new ways. So online coaching it is now! Especially in times of Corona Virus we want and should take care

Soul crystals

What is a soul crystal? First I tell you the story how I got the idea, of the whole thing 🙂 Since years I saw these crystals hanging

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