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My page will not only have me as your personal Yoga- and Lifecoach, it will also give you recipes of delicious food and smoothies, meditation techniques, benefits of some things we can find in our own garden, how to make your own beauty mask and much more!

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Minimalism! Clean up your life

Clean up your home - clean up your mind - Clean up your life Minimalism is the best way of living! I will start with a little story:

Vegan christmas cookies

My favorite vegan christmas cookies: Cinnamon stars (and the best: they are gluten free 🙂 )   Ok ok, now I feel its christmas time! Candies, cookies, christstollen,

Gluten free bread

Gluten free bread yes or no? Everywhere we go, read, look, there is something gluten-free. Bread, pasta, pizza, hamburger, cookies... Why? Do we really need gluten-free things?  

Vegan Salad love

Vegan Salad Love Today I want to share my favorite salad with you ❤️ I know it's most times a mission to get a Vegan salad, that is

Soul crystals

What is a soul crystal? First I tell you the story how I got the idea, of the whole thing 🙂 Since years I saw these crystals hanging


What is Spirituality for you?   Last week I was creating some art with a friend and while doing that, we started to talk about spirituality. She said,