Essential oils? DoTERRA? What?

I thought I am going to write something about these oils of doTerra, which I use every now and then in my yoga classes and coaching sessions, because I am asked about them very often.

I am not a salesperson because it is simply not my nature and I am really bad at selling things to people which I am not supporting or that are against my principles. But if I love something, I can tell everything that convinces me about the product and recommend it. What you do with this info, is your own decision. And I can only tell about my experiences. Everyone has to make up their own mind, preferably without prejudice!

What I know from my own experience can be very difficult, because you googled too … Everyone writes something about it, tells about their experience. But after a few years testing the oils, I can say that it’s like yoga! Not every yoga teacher is made for every person. One likes the voice of one yoga teacher, the other likes the way of supporting of another yoga teacher and another does not go to a female yoga teacher but rather to a male colleague.

But back to the oils:

Since I have of course heard a lot of bad things like “this is a pyramid scheme”, “sect!”, “The oils are incredibly expensive”, “you can’t earn anything” etc.

I don’t take myself out of it, I thought that way for a long time, but the oils simply catch me (especially the blends) and I decided to use even more of them.


My experience

Statement 1:

True, it is a system in which people are recruited to sell the oils or that they continue to recruit people. But the system is called MLM and is made very transparent. You just have to deal intensively with it. But since I am not a sales person, such a system is of course incredibly difficult for me … BUT I know about the positive influences of these oils and have seen it myself and learned that I at least want to try to help people find something good to have at home. Something in your emergency pharmacy to get a cold / cold under control, or if you’ve just had a hard day, smell my favorite fragrance “Balance”.

Statement 2:

Sect? Well, no one will be hunted if they no longer buy oils 😉

But I can imagine why some think like that. I also saw some videos where you get hyped if you are the seller of the year and so on … The product comes from America … They might need a bonus like that. Personally, I don’t need that because I just want to do something good for people with the oils. Especially when doing yoga in a diffuser or mixed with oil as a massage fragrance, a dream! Definitely something for every mood.

Statement 3:

It is true that they are expensive. But for me, only the best and purest product comes into the house (as far as possible). My personal priority is to ban as many artificial products, medicines and cosmetics from my household as possible. DoTERRA really suits me because I can use it to clean, give candles a scent, put them in my face cream and if I feel the hint of a cold, counteract with the oils immediately, or if it is too late, shorten it too! Because, for example, “On Guard” in the diffuser already clears the room air of bacteria 🙂

AND if you think about it, the cleaning stuff at the discounter costs about 3-5 €, with which you can maybe clean 6-8 times. The lemon oil from doTERRA costs you only 10 € after registration and you need about 3-4 drops per cleaning bucket load, and you can clean it with it 60 times (I haven’t counted it yet;)). – Information is of course without guarantee, because that is my counting 😉

Statement 4:

I don’t know if you make good money or not because I haven’t dealt with it yet. But if you just want to have the oils, a normal account is enough (advantage customer – with which you even get a 25% discount). You don’t have to order something monthly or reach any amount (although if you get to 125 PV (points) – that’s about € 125 – with an order, you get a few free things from doTERRA, which in my opinion are already on very high value (my last order had additional free products worth around € 70).

My summary:

  • I can clean with lemon
  • I can use it to make candles with a great fragrance (they have incredibly good blends!)
  • My skin is better by putting Frankincense or Melaleuca in my night cream and body cream
  • Wild orange or lemon are great in my smoothie
  • Cinnamon and “On Guard” are great in my porridge 🙂
  • Goodbye to chewing gum with peppermint!
  • Peppermint is also known to help with headaches
  • “On Guard” helps with colds or when you e.g. on the train or plane against the flying bacteria
  • I can regulate my digestion with lemon water
  • You can sleep well with lavender anyway, but paired with balance = heaven!
  • “ZenGest” helps me digest after heavy eating
  • “DeepBlue” after exercising with an oil on my stressed muscles
  • Soapnuts and lavender in the laundry = my laundry detergent
  • My husband also takes the oils into the sauna and does his infusion with them
  • and so on and so on….


That is my experience so far. If you are already using the oils, please share your experience and what you use them for! I am always happy about new tips, tricks and mixes 🙂

So now I hope you enjoyed my article, maybe you like to share a few useful tips with me, how you use them and if you want those oils, just contact me by email or register directly here:

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Lots of love for you