Marina Schulik
Marina SchulikYoga- and Lifecoach
  • 2016 February-March – 200hour yoga training in Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Goa / India

  • 2016 oct – 2017 – August Soul coach training

  • 2017 August – functional nutrition coach

  • 2017 Sept – 2018 May – nutrition coach

  • 2018 July – 300hour yoga training with shamanic elements

About Me

Hey! 🙂

So happy to see you on my page 🙂

I guess I need to say something about myself now 😉

I’m Marina and I’m actually german, but a world traveler. So I would say my home is this beautiful planet ❤️

I started to love Yoga when I was in Cape Town in 2010. Since then I couldn’t live without it anymore. Of course, with that, my world changed too.

I started to think about my eating habits, my thoughts, my lifestyle and so on.

Not on purpose! It just happened.

And voilá I started to live this beautiful life I live right now.

2016 I went to India and did my Yogateacher studies, so I can bring this beautiful lifestyle and movement to you. Now I’m teaching Hatha, Vinyassa and Ashtanga.

I also started to study more about nutrition, as Yoga is not just about the movement. It’s more than that! 😊

I would love to give you a complete makeover, of your life.

When I started my blog, I wanted to share beautiful things with you.

But for me it was a big step, as I share my deep thoughts, the things I like and myself with you and the world.

Now I hope you enjoy reading it ❤️

Of course you can also book me as your Yogateacher and Nutritionist.

Just check my service or text me right away 🙂

At the moment I live in Munich, but I’m traveling a lot, so you can book me actually from all over the world. I speak english and german.

Wherever you are, just send me a message, we can make it happen.

Current location: Munich




•Creating new things (diy stuff)

•Being in nature

•Swimming in the ocean

•Listening to Music & dancing

•Getting to know new people, countries and cultures

•Connecting with friends all over the world

•And with all those things, I of course enjoy Yoga, Meditation and good food 🙂