How about letting go while traveling?


Hello you beautiful people ❤️

Today I want to share my travel experience in Peru with you…

I will! But there is so much more to it as my 2,5 month have been such a “letting go”-experience.

What do I understand by letting go? I was letting go of feelings (mostly through shamanic work), letting go of thoughts and as well as letting go of things + goodbye of new friends after a very intense yoga month together.

The whole trip started with my 300 hrs teacher training for a month.

In that month it started already with letting go.

—> I let go of feelings (through shamanic work), letting go of thoughts, and in the end of it, letting go of new friends after an intense course together…

With 5 of them I planned to stay in Pisac for a few days. So just 14 goodbyes..


Pisac – San Pedro Ceremony


After I finished the yoga course, it was time for an appointment with a shaman for a so called “San Pedro Ceremony”.

I was nervous. Of course! It’s a poison. But also a healing plant! It should bring us back to nature. Our true nature….

„What does that mean?“ I questioned it. Everyone told me „You will love so much with this plant medicine, love everyone and nature“ and I said „Well then I don’t need it, because I love already a lot“.

But the question of doing it came around a few times. Thats why I did it in the end.


The experience:

We hiked up a mountain to a beautiful lake. It was freezing cold but at the same time amazingly beautiful!

On the way up the shaman did the ceremony. We had to drink the drink…  I was so nervous and I cried the moment the cup came to me.

—> I let go of fear…

On the further way up the medicine started to kick in. The nature was even more beautiful and brighter than before. As we arrived the lake, we all sat down and I started to cry. I cried for hours (it felt like a long time) and I told everyone I feel like a black sad little ball…. I just let the feeling be and cried. At some point I stopped and everything was in peace, I was in peace and it was beautiful and just is – So Ham (Sanskrit word for “I am”)


The next day I was exhausted but happy so I booked a Spa day for myself.

It was sauna, plant bath and a massage. Everything was energy work here too! The plant bath was made with intentions for me and I should set an intention too, before I go in.

While I was sitting in the bath, I was going through the last day and realized, something is gone…


Backgroundstory – I had a really bad lower back issue for about 8 month, where I couldn’t even tie my shoes alone… The Yoga course was also with a lot of “I can’t do that because of my back”…. Still hurting here and there and I needed to be careful all the time.


As I was sitting in the plant bath, I realized my pain is gone…

The next days I paid more attention, if I would feel something… nothing…

It was gone!

My theory is, the black little ball I cried out the day before, were all my feelings stuck in the lower back.

—> I let go of pain and feelings


Hiking time

I stayed with one last person of my course, Marzia, and another friend from Germany, Mone, who came all the way to spend 3 weeks with me travelling through Peru ❤️

We planned a trip of 5 days hiking to Macchu Picchu. We booked it with a company and in the end we were about 15 people hiking together 😊

So I made some new friends there too. Amazing people and interesting to see, how life is bringing always the right people in my life… loving, learning, sharing

Here some pictures of our hike:



As soon as we arrived in Aquas Calientes, I had a feeling and turned on my phone. And my phone rang straight away. My dad had passed away in the days I was hiking. We knew he is really sick and it might happen. I said bye to him with the words „I see you, when I see you again“. He knew it too…

—> I had to let go of my stepdad (he was my dad since I am 2 years old)

But we did a beautiful little ceremony for him, me and some of my friends. Thank you for everyone who was there with me and holded space 🙏🏼 I love you all ❤️


Back in Cusco

The moment we were back in Cusco, we needed to rest. We were exhausted! Marzia, Mone and I, we didn’t leave the room for 3 days. Well, I did, because I needed breakfast 😉 So I went down to town for breakfast and brought food from the supermarket for lunch and dinner.


Getting out of the cold weather!


We decided to go together to Ica for my birthday celebration, to get some warmth and some more relaxation 😉

Here some pictures of my birthday days:

(Including a manifestation Ceremony, because 11th August was new moon)



After that I had to say bye to my soulsister Marzia.

—> letting go of a travel buddy and loving person. Hoping to see each other again somewhere in the world

I travelled together with Mone further down to Arequipa, were we realized, if we also want to do the Amazonas trip, we need to cancel lake Titicaca because we would be rushed to see Arequipa in 12 hours and lake Titicaca for 1 day.

To stressful. We wanted to keep it simple

—> I let go of plans


Amazonas dreams


Our trip to the Amazonas was just so connecting with nature and simplicity ❤️ What did we do? A night tour through the jungle; visited monkey island, went fishing; zip-lining in the tree-tops leaving me feeling like Jane in the Tarzan movie 😉 My highlight was the sound at night – the beautiful noisy jungle

Have a look at the photos:



To summarize, my Peru travels had been all about people coming into my life, leaving my life – for the moment, or even forever. This all lead to happy as well as very sad moments. But as the proverb says, “no rain, no rainbow.

What did I learn, what was the most important lesson? Stay connected with the people you love, Stay connected to the people you love. Be in the very moment. When you spend time with someone, please don’t get distracted by your phone or other things. Be there in the moment ❤️

I love you all

And sending it out to you




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