Porridge for cold days

Now in autumn/winter time we need something warm in the morning for breakfast, like some porridge.

Maybe you heard about the ayurvedic “we need to eat vata reducing food in autumn time, to heat up”. That means warm and sometimes also spicy.

Ayurveda has 3 Doshas – Vata, Pitta, Kaptha. So october till january) is Vata with the cold and windy times, Kapha is february till may and Pitta june till september.

And for this Vata time it’s good to eat: cinnamon, cumin, fennel, ginger, soups instead of salad and raw food, hot teas instead of cold drinks and porridge instead of Muesli.

When I heard that the first time I was so into Nutella bread in the mornings or muesli. I loved those sweet mornings and could not imagine what I could do as a warm dish in the morning.

In India we had every 3rd day porridge… I really didn’t like it, as it was just the simple oats with milk and a banana on top.

But after I came back home, I missed it. So I tried a few things to make it more delicious and this recipe happened.



⁃ One cup of oats

⁃ Half a carrot

⁃ Half an apple

⁃ A bit of Cinnamon

⁃ Vanilla essence (really tiny bit)

⁃ 1-2 cacao chocolate 70%

⁃ 1 Banana

⁃ One handful of your favorite nuts, like almonds, walnuts, cashews,…

⁃ Milk / almond drink, Coconut milk



1. Bring oats and milk together to boil

2. Grater the apple and carrot into it

3. Spice with cinnamon and vanilla as you like it

4. Add the chocolate and the nuts

5. Topping and decoration: banana and a few nuts

6. Enjoy  🙂



Share your ideas in comments with us 🙂


Lots of love to you