How to make your own homemade muesli for breakfast in the morning

First I tell you the story, how I came up with doing that myself.

We think it’s so easy, muesli + fruits + joghurt = done

Well yes that’s easy 😉

But did you ever think about what you choose in the morning to nurish your body? About the first thing he gets, after such a long time at night, not eating anything?

Think about it. What did you eat the last days?

And then look at your mueslipackage, on the back….

Do we really want to feed your body (your temple!) with stabilizers, fake sugars, things your grandma can’t even pronounce?

We should make the first meal of the day something very special. For our body and our soul.

That’s why I want to share our breakfast with you today 🙂



– Your favorite nuts

– sunflower seeds

– pumpkin seeds

– Oat flakes

– Amaranth puffed

– Crushed flaxseeds

– Coconut splits

– raw cacao powder

– cacao nips

– Seasonal fruits

– 2-3 Tbsp water

– Plant based yoghurt (coconut, almond and so on) *I love to use the one of Harvest Moon* (which I also got for PR Sample and they are really yummy!)



Just put everything together 🙂


You will see how easy and quick it is, to make your own homemade muesli.

And let me know, if you like it and if you add something new, what I should try too ❤️


Oh and one more Thing:

Try to be more conscious about what you eat.

Is it grown like that?

How many times did it got through a maschine, till its in the package?

Does it have a lot of package? We should also try to reduce that a little, in the love for our planet and the ocean ❤️🙏🏼

Every single person will make a change to the world ☀️❤️

Much love to you