My favorite Granola Recipe

Why would I do my own granola, if there are millions of options in the supermarket?

I figured out, that it’s so complicated, to find granola without all those added sugars, milkpowder, stabilizer, and actually to many things, we don’t need in our breakfast…

So I tried to just get everything I like, mix it and bake it 🙂

And all of my friends, who got to try my muesli, asked for the recipe 😉

Here it is:

15-20min working hours (incl. baking time)

Lasts for about 2 weeks. For 1 person;) For several people, of course shorter;)


350g gluten free oats

100g sliced almonds

100g Sunflower Seeds

20g raw cocoa nips

50g coconut rasp

20g chia seeds

1 tsp cinnamon powder

1 tsp raw cacao powder

1/2 tsp salt

120g melted coconut oil

80g honey / date sirup / or any natural sweetener you like


1. Heat your oven up to 180grad

2. Mix everything well until the oil is everywhere

3. Place it 10-15min in the oven (spread on the baking tray or in a large baking bowl. Always with baking paper underneath, then it is easier to get out later)

4. Mix it once in a while and watch it, it gets very fast brown at the end. Then take it out

5. Let it cool down (till it will be nice and crispy)

6. Enjoy 😊


You can add whatever you like or leave things out.

Leave me a comment, how you like it and if you have another idea what to add. Would love to try your ideas 🙂


Lots of love