300 hour Yoga Teacher Training in Peru

Wow! I’m more than overwhelmed by all the wonderful experiences during my training. So where should I start sharing all those beautiful memories with you??? 🙂

To sum it up: It was beautiful, intense, loving, feeling, hugging, freeing and family.

When I arrived at Sacha Munay, I was very glad to realize that I would be able to do this training so far away from civilization and living so close to nature and the mountains.

Sacha Munay is located in Peru between Urubamba and Pisac. The whole area is called sacred Valley ❤️ , which is a absolutely magical place! It’s the perfect place to get deeper into Yoga. To cut out everything else and live in a bubble for a while. I even tried to keep my phone off, while I was there…  So freeing, so peaceful and so inspiring to sometimes disconnect with electronic devices and connect to nature.


How did the place look like?

The rooms where shared Tepees, shares rooms and single rooms. I stayed in a single room, as I know myself, I need to “diguest” everything I learn first and then I can comunicate. So I need a little space for myself in that time.

Although when I saw the Tepees, I thought “next time I for sure stay there!”

They also have their own garden with veggies they prepare for our daily meals ❤️ And together with the people in the kitchen, who prepared the food and were such loving souls, every meal was a blessing for our bodies

The temple was just a few steps from the kitchen/living room area away, where we had usually our asana classes and ceremonies. with a beautiful glas roof, so you could see the nature, the mountains, the sun and at night you see the stars! So many stars! It was blowing my mind!

I just loved this place!


Our daily schedule looked like this:

6:00 Chanting / Pranayama/ Meditation

7:00 Yoga Asanas

9:00 Breakfast (till here it was a silent morning)

10:00 Ayurveda

11:30 Shamanism

13:00 Lunch

15:00 Yoga Sutras / Philosophy

16:30 Art of Teaching and Alignment & Adjustments

18:00 Dinner

19:00 every second day Satsang / Ceremonies at the fireplace (like healing practice, sharing circles, …)

20:00 Silence and mostly bedtime. For me at least, I was so tired from all the information we’ve got

The classes between Breakfast and Dinner rotated or changed sometimes, depending on who arrived to teach, if we had to teach ourselves and what we had to cover.

That also included Yoga Nidra, Spiritual and energetic healing practice like chakra cleansing or soul retrieval, Ayurvedic cooking classes, art of touch, Yoga Therapeutics, Medicine Wheel, Kriya Yogic Cleansing, Cacao and letting go ceremonies, classes to make our own beauty products and essential oils.

So as you see, it was a lot to learn!

I was sometimes so overwhelmed, that I couldn’t even keep up my journaling…


Ok, sometimes pictures say more than words….

To keep it short, here some of the pictures 🙂

SO you see, so many beautiful things happened there!

I made definitely friends for life and came home with a lot of ideas for Yoga in the future 🙂

So stay tuned, if you want to know what it will look like 🙂

And another thing I definitley took with me out of the course is that I will use my phone and computer less than before I left Germany.  Because I realized it’s taking most of my time and I forget to live life. I have more time to read, be creative or connect with people in real life. Go for a tea somewhere or just enjoy a walk in the park. Life is so much more than social media!

And thats something I want to bring to you…

Try to put your phone aside. Even just one day a week or a few hours in the day, try to disconnect from the phone. You will see how much more time you have 🙂



If you want more information, check the school here:

Lots of love to all of you