Clean up your home – clean up your mind – Clean up your life

Minimalism is the best way of living!

I will start with a little story:

Since I can think back, I felt a freeing feeling, when things are in order or cleaned up. So already when I was a kid, I was sitting hours in my room, to figure out my drawers. The room was a mess! But when I was done after (I think it took me a few days), I was so happy and relaxed.

Also twice a year (mostly spring and new years) I have the feeling, I have to much stuff in my home.

Usually then I start to clean up my cupboards, drawers, shoes, kitchen, whatever you can imagine!

A lot goes to charity or I make a fun day with my girls and sell everything on a fleamarket. So much fun!

It’s nice to get some money out of things I don’t use anymore.

Also getting a smile, when you give it away! For me thats even more important! Someone that appreciates my things, that weren’t used since month or years, lonely in the back of my cupboard.

One time, I was reading the book of Marie Kondo “The magic of cleaning up” and after that, I kicked out almost 80% of my stuff!! Especially in my Mum’s place, where I still had stuff ftom when I was 15! (See the picture)

Marie Kondo says “Just keep, what makes you happy.” And you can’t imagine, how free I felt after I was done!

BUT she also said, it’s stuff to throw away. Not for me! I like to reuse things and thinking of the world environment. We don’t need more trash. So I used a different way: I had so many things! I just put them on my bed, wrote on Facebook, that people can come and get free clothes.

You can’t imagine, how happy those people left my home! Some of them were sending me pictures of them wearing the clothes and some wrote me long long messages, how happy they are and how thankful.

What I learned about it

And what I want to spread into the world:

It’s not just about cleaning out your place, or making people happy. We shouldn’t forget: our mind is also leaving stuff behind, as soon we leave all the clutter and material things, that doesn’t make us happy, behind. Or at least we didn’t use since a year or two!

Also, if we have less things and live in a minimalistic way, we have always something to wear, because we just have our favorite things in the cupboard. What I also should tell you, traveling will be so much easier, less luggage waight and less stress, like “What do I bring with me”. I personaly love it! I love the way of minimalism.

We have so much more space for ideas, creativity and love now!

You don’t believe me?

Try it!

Its spring! So a good time for a cleanse 🙂

And let me know how you feel afterwards

If you need help, text me, I’m here for you 🙂

And here the link, if you want to buy the book:

In German and English

Enjoy reading 😊🙏🏼

Lots of love to you