Being thankful is so important in life

Being thankful is the most positive way, you can live your life!

Yes sometimes we are grumpy, bad mood, just everything goes wrong…

But if you start to be thankful in the worst moment, see how you and also the world around you, starts changing!!

Try it 🙂

I want to share my idea with you, which I just started

I have a glass with little notes, which I try to write every day, with things I’m thankful for in my day or life.

If I’m having a bad day, I take it, look on some of the notes and soon I feel better. Because I realized again, how blessed I am!
Just because I breathe, I can listen to beautiful music, I see the beautiful colors around me, I can taste delicious food and so on ❤️
When I’m traveling, i have a little “thankful notebook”,
Also little things are important! Being thankful for the woman on the market, who gives me a better price, because I forgot to get some cash. Or for my boyfriend, who made dinner, because I came home late. Or for the girl who made a compliment about my dress, or just smiled at me on the street!

All these little things matter as well.

They make our day a little brighter ❤️
I hope I could give you some ideas, how to be thankful for your life 🙂
Be creative in how you do it!
Let me know, how you are thankful for everydays gifts 🙂


Much love