Sunsets are powerful

Today I want to share my favorite meditation with you 🙂
Sunsets are powerful and they give you so much peace in your heart!

So what I do, when I have the chance to be somewhere to watch the sunset:

I sit down and start to calm my mind (count my breath or just watch the sun); when the sun dips on the water, I thank for everything what is a blessing in my life or that day (depends how I feel at that moment. Even if I’m sad, I try to find something good in that day) and when the sun finally goes down completely, I close my eyes and take a wish ☀
One day in Cape town I did a 30 day challenge, to see the sunset every day from the same spot (didn’t always work).

But what i realized, the most beautiful sunsets come after a crazy stormy weather…
I hope you like the pictures and if you feel like, try doing the same, when you watch a sunset 🙂

It is healing ❤

The conclusion of my challenge:

I like the sunsets on stormy days the most!

SO: never fear a bad day, because there will be always something good in it 🙂



Much love to all of you