Make your boring hangers beautiful

Do it yourself – DIY

If you have hangers, which you find to simple, not beautiful enough, just bought it, because you needed it, or you have some you like and want to give them a little extra?
Here is an explanation of how to make your old hangers new and pretty for a girls cupboard (sorry guys, today only girls-day 😉)

But guys! If you want to make your girlfriend happy, you can have a look as well, of course 😊
Here in pictures how it works:

1. take your hangers, some fabric you like, superglue and a scissor

2. take the fabric in little slices

3. start twisting the fabric around the hanger (keep a little extra on the end, so you can make your bo in the end)

4. If your slice is over, just glue it to the rest, as invisible as possible


5. at the end, take the last piece to make a bow


Done 🙂


Lots of love to all of you