Preparing for my trip to Peru

Today I want to share one of my dreams with you:

One of my big goals becoming true this summer!

After I finished my yogateacher studies in India, I dreamed of going somewhere else and learn more. But something different… Now I know the Indian way of doing Yoga, I want to experience something new.

So, a few month ago I booked another course in Peru (somewhere close to Cusco) with Ayurveda and shamanic studies! Finally!

I’m super excited!

And usually I would say I’m fine with traveling, as I’m traveling a lot! Fine with changes, new paths and with new experiences…

But today I feel, that I’m not…

4 days left till I start my trip.

I am nervous hope that things work out this week, what I planed and that nothing comes up, that confuses my plans. Plus that everything will be the same when I come back… friendships, relationship, family, work, and so on…

I guess most people have these anxious feelings about changes.

Of course, I do know: “changes are good! We need to have those changes to personally grow!”

I know many quotes like: “Life is like riding a bicycle, to keep your balance, you must keep moving”…. But when I am in that situation, it’s different.


Even I’m working on things inside myself every day… somehow my Yogi skills don’t work these days 😉

Nobody is perfect 😉


What do I do?

I sat down with one of my closest friends and we made a list of all things I still have to do this week before my departure.

OMG, that helped me so much to calm myself down and to get inner peace + strength that everything is gonna be ok.

Here is a picture of my list. But it’s written in German and probably not making sense to you at all 😉 But for me it was magic! After I wrote everything down, my mind was clear and calm again.

I want to share this list with you, so that you understand that it doesn’t have to be perfect! It is perfect as soon its calming your mind down.


Just packing… this is my biggest challange now!

I know I always say “less is more”…

But what do I take with me, to a trip like that??

Of course, Yoga clothes 😉

But the weather forecast predicts that it’s gonna be cold at night and warm during the day. As I’ll stay somewhere in the mountain areas, I assume it’s gonna be even colder up there! So I also bought some things to keep me really really warm.

Then after the course, another big dream: Machu Picchu! So I definitely need warm clothes 😉

Also I’m going to meet my friend for some more traveling. Bikini? Warm clothes, hiking shoes and so much more….

Wow I’m nervous.

But hey! I’m still learning 🙂


Why I’m telling you all this?

I want to take you with me on my trip. I will make some posts here and there (also check my stories on instagram), so you also see whats happening with me and my inside work.

I have one month after my course, to explore

So, if you have suggestions what else I should see or experience, let me know! I’m really thankful for any of your ideas 🙂 Just leave me a comment ❤

Lots of love to you