Off to Peru


Preparing for my trip to Peru Today I want to share one of my dreams with you: One of my big goals becoming true this summer! After I finished my yogateacher studies in India, I

Off to Peru2020-04-01T10:19:30+02:00

Sunset Meditation


Sunsets are powerful Today I want to share my favorite meditation with you :) Sunsets are powerful and they give you so much peace in your heart! So what I do, when I have the

Sunset Meditation2017-06-28T18:50:30+02:00

Ashtanga Yoga


What is Ashtanga Yoga? First its means "eight limbs" in Sanskrit, which is a philosophical system with "eight limbs", according to the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali But what we practice is Ashtanga (Vinyasa) Yoga. Explained

Ashtanga Yoga2017-11-17T16:29:21+01:00
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