Who is Naturschatz?


10 Questions for the two Naturschatz LadiesGood morning beautiful you soul ❤️ As you know, I'm very much into natural cosmetics, less is more, or diy cosmetics. I've been through 2 cosmetic phases in my

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Peru travels and letting go


How about letting go while traveling?   Hello you beautiful people ❤️ Today I want to share my travel experience in Peru with you... I will! But there is so much more to it as

Peru travels and letting go2019-04-11T20:17:30+02:00

Awareness -bring it to your life


How do I bring awareness to my life? Sometimes in life, we lose our focus. Sometimes we are just to stressed and forget to live our life. And sometimes we just miss that little something, that

Awareness -bring it to your life2018-05-25T10:01:47+02:00